One of my poems was handwritten on a wall as part of a group show for new culture sharing site Cultshare. Here's the full text:

She is the seed-knowledge in the ravines

Under concrete, soft-headed sleeper

Dreams beneath gum patina and feet tramp

Ignored static bleeds angry stamp

Seeps through seams

Where a shadow forest creeps

Under the glum fabric of man

All her whispers are leaf brush

The delicate fan of night branches

Her speech is the soft dirge of mush

Preaching forgotten implores

This army of lurking shades

Phantoms in paving slabs

Viridian certainty, poised potential

Chasms in her skin boil with life

Ruts in the valleys,

Thunder-claps on the peak

Bats in the grammar, sly as the adders

Wound about her roots

Each a tendril, tender seeks

There is no turning the head

Unfound, the eyeless thief

Cracks every question of your heart

And answers them, piece by busted piece