Wildfjords and Wildonomics - Recent Work



Wildfjords is Iceland's longest and most majestic hiking trail. Together with an old friend, Henry Fletcher, we will be running our first trail in July 2014. To learn more about the trail and how to attend, please check out: www.wildfjords.com




Wildonomics is ten social experiments to connect with nature. By examining the basic patterns of our existence and exploring alternatives, Wildonomics proposes a revised way of being in the world. Wildonomics is a book and online project launching in 2014. For more information and ongoing essays surrounding the topic, please visit www.wildonomics.com 









Please check this site and the above URLs for regular project updates during 2014. It feels awesome to be working on a broad spectrum of projects with a firm ecological imperative.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so I've lucked into some random med rivermouth sessions with the guys from Acid surf mag in Barcelona.    









Time to question the seed ghosts

Sleeping hosts subsurface

Eidolon dreams of a greening

Phantoms of the cracks

Viridian throng, verdant urgency

Their public transport

Moth wings, magpie backs, hare feet

On train tracks, window ledges, under tunnels

Singing where,

Where do we belong? 

Abandoned nests and clefts and

Pondering ascendant

Clockwise omens of the still moon’s silent wax

Felt in Eukaryote urges

Blind blanket longings to burst

And stretch siege ladders

To interrupt concrete creep

Our mortal foundations disturb

Tendrils grasping, seeking southern purchase

Pending, imminent growth in the offing

Anything to cradle roots

Rear old heads

Moor the marooned mass of longing