The battle of water and land

Under darkling moon the dayblack sea
Extended an arm to silence the sun
Gold the residual glow and hiss
As that disc, extinguished, fell

Then the water jumped up to roar;

I am leviathan, the sea is within me
I declare war on this, mother land
Then the peagreen water commands
To drown the lichened rocks, the sand
To smother
To strangle all in a yawn of ice
Rigor Mortis brung with dawn

I am leviathan, the sea is within me

Nothing but birds remain, pinwheeling
Keening for their loss of perch
Angry at the sea come stealing
Tired beneath the church of sky
Until at last, exhausted they fall
And go under, evermore
go under, evermore 


*From the 'Battles' series