We just put Backwa.sh Issue One to bed... come celebrate.

Surf Anthology Launch Party

9th December 2015
Launch Party @ Finisterre Store, London, 6-9pm

Backwash is a surf anthology, 160 pages of free-thinking perspective and photography. Join us at our London launch party to drink beer, talk bullshit and eyeball Issue One.

Backwash draws together a global crew of writers, photographers and artists to reflect surfing how we see it, in livid detail with beautiful chaos. Contributors and interviewees include Mickey Smith, Sergio Villalba, Easkey Britton, Shane Dorian, Tom Lowe, Leah Dawson, Fergal Smith, Andrew Kidman, Tom Doidge-Harrison and Grace O’Sullivan. 

Backwash is woven together by David Beckitt, James Bowden, Calum Creasey, Dan Crockett, Noah Lane, Al Mackinnon, Chris McClean and Matt Smith. It’s a publication straight from our hearts, raising a flag for the North Atlantic and the North Sea, our homes. For every copy sold, we pledge that one tree will be planted in Irish soil. This is what we leave behind when the wave recedes.

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