The iselmen

Beyond the night
Out where light races
And the dog-driven carts
Burn traces
There are watchers on the road
Shrew-faced with keen minds
sharp pupils
Dog faces, the horse pulled carts
Clatter through dawn's faces
Dull-eyed pacers of the path
Do not slow
From the shrew-cunning watchers
Wrath may flicker
Snicker go the dogs
The horses wicker
The sky burns as the road races
Iselmen in the shadows
Teeth glinting in the gloom
Do not stop
From the tombs come scuttling forms
To paw, gently first
The Iselmen
Horse-headed tarry they
Blunt molars grinding
Claws on their fingers
Incisors needle sharp
The cart clatters on
'did you see,' She remarks
'in the shadows, something glint?'
Her companion squints
Shakes his head
the unheard hissing of the dead