Two Recent Readings (for special people)


Little Heart

Take my steps, for now my stride is four of yours 
And have my eyes, though they be not clear
Take my paws, little hand, through doors to thickets tall
We'll run together, no need to fear a fall
For my month is your minute, my year your hour
Dear is the love for you in its power 
And in the heart it will not falter, never fail
Though the cries bawl, the tears be shed, the babe will wail
Just sit upon broad shoulders, watch the world skip by so slow
And cry, for each of us forgets the falling joy inside a tear
You need not worry: know the world can hear
Blessed boy, so dear, little heart be near.



Rare Hearts

If I put my hand in your hand we can dance
Through forest oaks, out across the sand
Palm to palm through the midnight wood
Between the roots of an oak we stood
Then we laughed at the march of the clock
Warm in the hearth of together's stock
Moonlit waltz cross the silent sea
Endless the dance of you and me
On London rivers, in lisbon squares
Through city lights our footfall bare
Then slower spin the dancing pair
Caught in their web of invisible care
Slower, softer still, rare hearts
Slower, softer still, rare hearts
Now the starting gun, gladness named
The souls of the dancers are one and the same
Forever here forward will the waltz remain
Beauty in the steps, magic the refrain