Bad photos of ace work by Glithero



Fils De Lune

You went barefoot, always barefoot
Soft through the tall grass of then
To dance on high lawns in light rain
To face a zen moon and bask
in the warmth of the world
Mock a swoon
Trace the tune of this
Shatter the chain and
ask endless questions
And shout about everything
Proudly howl your intentions to
Race against time and win
This is how we begin
Your tall and reedy catlike grace
And the moon can barely stifle the grin
That plays upon his face
Barefoot, always barefoot
Footprints in the soot
Sashays through the grass of time
Fine in your movement, the last of the line
is the first
The world lunges in lust
Repeats her order:
hunger, thirst, trust