Tall dance the poppies

Abscond abscond you vagabond rat 
but leave me that gunny and the tall straw hat
Sell you the pastry and the cannonball tat 
and the skipping ropes and the old goose-fat
Take you the bowery and that bovine cat
Leave the peacock feather pinched from my cap 

Depart depart oh rotten fiend you 
And stir up the soup and obsidian stew 
The stairs are broken and the roof is not new 
And the maggoty offal is turning to blue 
The silence between us it grows as it grew
Tall dance the poppies on this heart you slew

Begone begone you wiley judge old
With your whiskers and whispering voice in the cold
Gather the terrapins and the housepig bold
And cast them out, for the seller got sold
For I taught you a lesson, but it was I who got told 
Now you'll dance and laugh at the night till it folds

We'll laugh at the beauty, the sadness, the hate 
We'll laugh at our laughing, the darkness negate 
The sand will slip through our fingers at a terrible rate
For I was the rod and you the bait 
And I'll catch you walking, in some woman's gait
Catch your memory wandering - that is my fate