Highbury Water

You had a fracture
Like the hands of the clock skipped a mark
A little spark crack
Hairline above your eyes black in the light of clockwork dawn
The roof of a smile
All our seconds are dust
And the bird in the cage pecks at the rust
For a while,
And my body is blurred between maybe and must
And I'm drowning, drowning in Highbury water
Drowning in wells of meaningless trust
Trussed-up vagabond - beggar to lust
Carrying the stamp of your fracture and bust
Across deserts, through private halls
buried in turn to breathe as we fall into wells
Sipping naked gasps of air
We burn, incandescent flames
Spun on proximity yearn
And I'm drowning
Knowing, nascent, willing
In fractures impacted and bare to the beat
Will you care by the next dawn? Will your fracture repair?
Will you swallow us whole with a yawn?
And maybe the dropped coin never reaches the water black
And dawn never brings
A fair crack, the track takes its promises back
Perhaps it was but a game
A sprung trap
This delicate flack
Pins the blame
And I'm drowning now,
In Highbury Water,
in wells with no name.