*Uncommon Ideals - A short film about surfing the North Sea, directed by Chris McClean, featuring and named after my poem 'uncommon ideals.' The film won multiple awards and has played at many festivals, including SXSW. Uncommon Ideals was shown on Channel 4.

Uncommon Ideals

The first breath is a beauty;
Whispering of the north like a kiss
Gilded hammer come tapping
Licking the dun dunes
Sweeping the tawny sea
A chill fist come rapping
At the doors of you,
of me

Bay burn the first
Runners of the dawn train
Ripples, creeping in beneath castles
Under dismantled factories
Between oak groins tar black
Onto reefs of hell
And fain the eyes that track
This first building of
the swell

A copper peak like running snuff
Bang, bang, bang
From the north she pours
Stirring the remaining cod
Sister wind swung south
Waking the Farne-bound seals
And met by land she roars
Dipped in sepia,
flayed bister
Delight for uncommon ideals