Letter to Europe

Under cliffs rejoiced and ducked

Spanish lips and Catalan fists

Watched the moon grow wide

In the silent forests of the north

Felt the pure rage of Atlantic storms

Wind whipping Irish kelp

Walked endless tracks and slipped into

Forgotten villages

Found kindness in the eyes of strangers

Beyond a dozen borders

Laughed loud with Polish farmers

Drunk tequila with German schoolgirls

Fanned phosphorescence in mandalas

Kicking ripples on the stroke

Dawn in the Gotico, St. Germaine, Kreuzberg

Each precious day unique

Promises on Alpine tracks, Dutch canals,

In Galician floods

A hundred bazaars, a thousand odd cries

The gentle death of light

Breathless days through cobbled streets

In love with promise and potential

Mumbling other tongues and understanding

Proximity and belonging

Strength in this meeting of eyes,

linking of hands and unity

Strength for the weak, dispossessed,

the world beneath our feet

Whilst greasy men wave their egos

In airless rooms

We open our arms and call you sister, brother, friend.

We stand together.